VHS era

Our collaboration with Lenfilm Studio began in early 90s. This is when we became one of the first companies to release licensed VHS-cassettes with Lenfilm movies - under the trademark of “48 hours studio”. At that difficult time only few had an idea of what the copyright was, the dawning Russian media-market was in chaos.  

DVD era

The new century brought a change from VHS to DVD. Our company was keeping up with a progress. Besides the DVD-releases, we began a high-quality restoration of Lenfilm “gold” collection. Everyone who saw a DVD with our restored movie highly appreciated the quality we achieved in the age of digital technologies. This is when we started our key partnership with cinema-video enterprise “Krupny plan”.  Together we implemented many DVD-releases.

A step to the future

By the end of the 2000’s DVD as a “delivering tool” faced a serious and growing rival - Internet worldwide expansion and launching of the massive&ambitious projects. Our presence in the Global Network became essential.
In the meantime, the technological breakthrough made it possible to fulfill our long-time dream – to colorize a “Cinderella” movie, an amazing fairy-tale of 1947, loved by many generations of Soviet people. “Krupny plan” undertook to perform this work and finished it by the end of 2009. A brand-new colorized “Cinderella” was successfully broadcasted on the Happy New Year 2010 by Russian 1st TV Channel with a follow-up DVD-release. At present time we move forward this direction and have already scheduled several classics of Lenfilm for colorization.

To be continued...


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