What we have?

Based on the distribution agreement with “Film Collection of Lenfilm Studio”, we hold the exclusive rights for distributing the catalogue of Lenfilm via DVD, Internet and IPTV systems by all means (both known and unknown yet), including the most popular nowadays - VOD (Video-on-demand), Downloading, Pay-per-view, Streaming. Furthermore, we have the right to place the advertisement in our films. Also we can offer our partners one of the most forward-looking ways of monetization.

What we offer?

    Under the owned rights we offer individual ways of partnership that meet our mutual interests and correspond to a business model applied.

Our rights are worldwide and allow dubbing and subtitling on other languages. That means anyone can be our partner, if he is interested in a high-demand content - the classic films that proved to excite strong interest among users.

When licensing we guarantee the “clarity” of the granted rights and the absence of the legal claims from the third parties. All partners get access to our source video-materials.catalogue



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